Welcome to The RIB CAGE

The Rib Cage BBQ & Catering is based in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where barbeque is as popular and well-known in the Spa City as gangsters and live horse racing. We have turned a hobby into a competitive extracurricular activity and have recruited friends and family to "work for food." Just like most barbeque fanatics, our hobby turned into a passion, and the passion has turned into a career. Funny how that works.

Barbeque is definitely a mainstay in the Valley of the Vapors, so entering the realm of smoky goodness could be considered crazy for all intents and purposes. So, we hit the competitive BBQ circuit in 2009. With an education from some, and a few wins from others, we decided this BBQ thing might be all right. Of course, we are "Famously Unknown." For now.

We’ve relocated the restaurant from Bismarck to Hot Springs, just a few miles up the road. We’re at the intersection of Central Avenue and Viewpoint Drive, just north of the Amity Road intersection of Highway 7 South/Central Avenue. Come see us at our new “permanently mobile” locale, where the folks are friendly and the barbeque is smokin’! While we don’t have inside dining anymore, we do have “patio” seating for a dozen or so. Hang in there with us...before long, we’ll have the place screened in and satellite TV playing outside, especially when there’s a Razorback game on! We’re just a short scenic drive away. Check the map on the Contact Us page!